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F3P Indoor Aerobatics German Championship DAeC 2015

The DAeC's F3P Indoor Aerobatics German Championship 2015 took place on 21 and 22 February Raiffeisen-Sporthalle Nandlstadt. Rolf FD and Bea FD, online journalists from Modellpilot.EU, were there for you at the competition and present you their detailed video report in the online magazine.

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Video F3P Indoor Aerobatics German Championship DAeC 2015

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Photos / Images



Video content / Playlist

  • Evening flight show
    DAeC's F3P Indoor Aerobatics German Championship 2015.

  • Philipp Kaindl
    Individual flight from Philipp Kaindl from Germany.

  • Gernot Bruckmann
    Individual flight from Gernot Bruckmann from Austria.

  • Philipp Schürmann
    Individual flight from Philipp Schürmann from Switzerland.

  • Alan Goljevscek
    Individual flight from Alan Goljevscek from Slovenia.

  • Jiri Sotola
    Individual flight from Jiri Sotola from Czech Republic.

  • Derk van der Vecht
    Individual flight from Derk van der Vecht from Nierderlande.

  • Oliver Fuchs
    Individual flight from Oliver Fuchs from Austria.

  • Martin Gulla
    Individual flight from Martin Gulla from Germany.

  • Andreas Wildauer
    Individual flight by Andreas Wildauer from Austria.

  • Gerhard Balzarek
    ndividual flight from Gerhard Balzarek from Germany.

  • Christof Tittel
    Individual flight by Christof Tittel from Germany.

  • Pirmin Stahl
    Individual flight from Pirmin Stahl from Germany.

  • Jan Sefrna
    Individual flight from Jan Sefrna from Czech Republic.

  • Leonard Voss
    Individual flight of Leonard Voss from Germany.

  • Jan Beuttler
    Individual flight by Jan Beuttler from Germany.

  • Adrian Raiser
    Individual flight by Adrian Raiser from Germany.

  • Markus Preuß
    Individual flight from Markus Preuß from Germany.

  • Lukas Pastejrik
    Individual flight of Lukas Pastejrik from Czech Republic.

  • Frederik Hoesch
    Individual flight from Frederik Hoesch from Germany.

  • Aneta Bouskova
    Individual flight from Aneta Bouskova from Czech Republic.

  • Jan Spatny
    Individual flight from Jan Spatny from Czech Republic.

  • Marek Plichta
    Individual flight from Marek Plichta from Czech Republic.

  • Julien Hecht
    Individual flight of Julien Hecht from France.

  • Nicolas Detry
    Individual flight from Nicolas Detry from France.

  • Boris Ziegenhagen
    Individual flight from Boris Ziegenhagen from Switzerland.

  • Marc Faulhaber
    Individual flight from Marc Faulhaber from Germany.

  • Filippo Materazzi
    Individual flight of Filippo Materazzi from Italy.

  • Christian Oppliger
    Individual flight by Christian Oppliger from Switzerland.

  • Lukas Gross
    Individual flight from Lukas Gross from Austria.

  • Siegerehrung

  • Siegerehrung
    F3P-A International, F3P-A National, F3P-AFM, F3P-B, F3P-C and F3P Youth.

  • Siegerehrung
    Special pokal for Aneta Bouskova (only female participant)

  • Siegerehrung
    Sonderpokal for Christian Kaindl (organizing association)


DAeC's F3P Indoor Aerobatics German Championship 2015

Nandlstadt, Germany

21.02. - 22.02.2015

218 min. in Full-HD

16 images

Rolf FD and Bea FD

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