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Faszination MODELLTECH Sinsheim 2015

Faszination MODELLTECH 2015 in Sinsheim 2015, the annual international fair for aircraft models, cars and trucks, took place from 20 to 22 March. Rolf FD, Bea FD and Alwin Müller present a 90-minute full-HD film and 180 photos about the Faszination MODELLTECH 2015. Exhibitors top-novelties on the indoor airfield and new models on the exhibition areas.

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Video Faszination MODELLTECH Sinsheim 2015

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Photos / Images


Video content / Playlist

  • Indoor flight show
    Top-novelties on the Faszination MODELLTECH Sinsheim 2015 indoor airfiled.

  • New models, exhibitors and exhibition areas
    Top-novelties in the Faszination MODELLTECH Sinsheim 2015 exhibition areas.


Faszination MODELLTECH Sinsheim 2015

Sinsheim, Germany

20.04. - 22.03.2015

90 min. in Full-HD

180 images

Rolf FD, Bea FD and Alwin Müller

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The question of why Multiplex chose Faszination MODELLTECH for the MULTIPELX ROCKSTAR plane's world premiere was an easy one for Thomas Peter

  • Faszination MODELLTECH is a wonderful platform and essentially the beginning of the season, as it is the first exhibition open to the public after the toy fair in Nuremberg, which is of course solely a trade and order fair. Here we have time to show the model to the world for the first time“.

That this was the right move to make was confirmed to Thomas Peter during the course of the exhibition:

  • The audience is enthusiastic - our exhibits have received a lot of praise - what more could you want?“

Ingeborg Jahn, marketing director of robbe Modellsport, would have wished for higher attendance figures but, like many of the exhibitors, she was very satisfied with the quality of prospective customers:

  • Here we find a high-quality audience that comes to the show with a good knowledge of the subject. Customers come specifically to seek advice from suppliers. They soon realise that nothing beats the personal contact you get at the show“.

In high demand at the Robbe Modellsport stand were their excellently presented quadrocopter models - a trend that has been on the rise now for some time.

  • It is always interesting to note how the widespread audience here are equally interested in aircraft and cars, and above all in technology“,

says Wolf-Christian Baumgärtl of Graupner.

  • There are many professional visitors here. It would be good to get more customers here looking for a first introduction to this fascinating hobby.“

Wolf-Christian Baumgärtl was especially appreciative of the spectators' high interest in the air show, and particularly in models for beginners as well as aerobatic models.